Best Email Marketing Platform 2020

Looking For an Email Marketing Platform

So you are looking to send emails to a marketing list that you have built or you are trying to create your own marketing list by offering valued content

I know how painful this is to find the right one. Most companies charge you for how many people you have on your database which can be very expensive.

I had to research for an email marking platform for a company that had nearly 50,000 customers on their email list and when I started to work with them they were using a company where they could only send 3,000 emails a day to save money. Even tho this saved them money this took a lot of time to set up and it also took nearly 2 weeks to email everyone on their marketing list which wasn’t very cost or time effective!

SendInBlue - Email Marketing

When looking for a new company to use I found lots of different companies that were cheaper but still charged per number of people on your database. Then I came across Sendinblue which charged per number of emails you send out which worked out more cost-effective and they could send all their emails out in one hit.

I would recommend test driving sendinblue as you can use it for FREE for up to 300 emails per day 

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