Is It Hard To Build A New Website in 2020

Is it hard to build a new website in 2020?

The onset answer is it depends on your skills and what sort of website you are after.

  • If you have no idea on how to use a computer then yes building a website will be hard.
  • If you are wanting to build a shop site and have never done this before then it can be hard.
  • If you are hand-coding a website with no experience you may find it hard

But if you do your research there are lots of plug and play systems out there to help you develop a website, blogging sites or even an online store.

Is It Hard To Build A New Website in 2020
If you are wanting to build an online store or drop shipping site then you could use a platform like Shopify which has a simple to use interface and also comes with a 14-day free trial. Click Here to try it out.

If you are wanting to create a blogging site or an information site then you could build it using WordPress which is a FREE and simple to use content Management System (CMS) what you would need to get is a domain name and hosting. If you shop around some hosting sites like HostPapa offer a FREE domain name if you sign up with them. Click here to see HostPapas offers

Click here to see a blog post comparing different host providers

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